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Cruise Registration Tips

When you're ready to register Click Here and register using the cruise line you're traveling with.

Here are some important Action 
Items and Things to Know:    

If you have more than 1 confirmation number (such as with multiple cabins), you will need to register / check-in EACH confirmation number.  

If another party is registering theirs, please make sure they have that information.

Important Items and Things to Know

Cruise Line

Visit the Registration page and you may be able to reserve & pregister for onboard experiences - like spa reservations and stateroom surprises, to adventures in our ports of call. We're your one stop planning place. 

There you can complete all travel documents and get a countdown of key dates. 

Cruise Line Check In (Register here)

This must be done on the cruise line website. You can do things such as: Printing Luggage Tags,
Registering in advance for kids programs, reservations at specialty dining, etc. Often you can also sign up for the Beverage Package - many cruise lines offer some type of unlimited beverage package (Including alcohol) and also non-alcoholic packages.
Check into it this may be a good value for your party! REGISTER HERE!
You will also need to provide a credit card (or specify cash) for your onboard account and indicate who in your party is permitted to charge to it.
Note that some items may not be completed or registered for until FINAL PAYMENT has been made.
However, please be advised that you should do this as soon as possible after final payment!

Travel Documentation

Everyone needs a passport even on a cruise.  If there is a delay, yes you may possibly still travel on the cruise with a birth certificate (check their website for specific cruise line policies) - it must be a USA departure/return.  The issue is that if for any reason you have to fly home from a foreign port you will have a problem!

Please read these important details on  Travel Documentation!

Make sure all passenger names on reservations (especially air and cruise) match 100% with their passport. No nicknames and please include middle names, you do not want to cause yourself any delays or be denied boarding.

Link to Passport US Govt site (generally 4 weeks, they have an extra fee service that says "generally 2 weeks"):  https://travel.state.gov/

Equally important is checking with the CDC for medical/immunization advisories for travel:  https://www.cdc.gov/travel

Link to Expedited passport (2 days to 2 weeks) govt fees + expedited fees + fedex are at the bottom of our home page.

Airline Check-In

You should print out your boarding pass the day before travel - coming and going (most airlines allow 24 hours in advance of each flight.  You will probably save money if the airline charges for baggage & you pre-purchase bags in advance (anytime). For example,  Spirit Airlines often charges $100 per bag that is not pre-purchased (around $25/$30 online).  MGA Travel recommends you check in personally and confirm all times and flights.

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance is strongly recommended and we will quote it for you. Why Insurance?


Personally, I take Bonine (Meclizine) the day before I will be on a boat or ship.  Then I take a half dosage before bed each night of the cruise, except the last night.  

If I was to feel uneasy at all I would take the other half of the dose during the day.  I have never been seasick.  I prefer it over Dramamine and I don't know anything about the wristbands.   I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice.

Cell Phone

If you are on a cruise or in a foreign country, please check with your service provider, they may have special/temporary international plans.  In any case, disable DATA roaming on your phone (unless you are certain of the plan).  These rates in some cases are astronomical! On the cruise ship, I recommend putting it in airplane mode or turn it off and use a regular camera.  Inquire about satellite connection charges and wifi aboard. (depends on cruise line).  


Ship staterooms are small (despite the price) and storage of your bags once unpacked can be tricky.  I recommend using "nesting" sized luggage, or even better, duffel bags (etc) that can be folded up and put under the bed or tucked away.

Boarding the ship

Pack bathing suits in carry-on so you can enjoy the ship as your stateroom may not be ready until 1 or 2pm (and you may be able to board around 10am). 

I recommend staying 1 night before and 1 night after a cruise for a few reasons.

First, travel delays by the airline or cruise ship can cause connection problems (especially if the ship has sailed!).   Second, you can generally get on the ship earlier and get off later. 

You are paying for a 4 night cruise and you want to enjoy every minute of it!   Third, you are staying in a nice area, so you can extend your vacation.

Shore excursions

These are best reserved before you sail  - the good ones fill up fast!  We can recommend companies that are also better prices than the ships, and most have a guarantee that you will be back to the ship on time.  

You can do this by calling us or booking directly from www.getoffship.com . Some ports of call may be owned by the cruise line and so you will have to purchase those on board (but it's cheaper to use ours!)   (you will just need to put your ship name and sailing date in the box).

Please book all shore excursions SOON at  www.getoffship.com , and they will EMAIL tickets to you.   You have to PRINT out the tickets and bring with - they do not have will call or electronic registration in most cases.

Special needs

If anyone in your party might benefit from a scooter or wheelchair already being aboard [a large ship] we are happy to arrange that for you or can reserve directly with us.

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*When booking airfare we charge a ticketing fee for international air of $100 per person and domestic air fee of $30 per person. The fee may be waived if booked as part of a supplier package.  Please cancel any appointments outside of 24 hours as no shows for appointments will incur a $50 fee. Also, before booking ANY international air, we require copies of your passports. Please note that we charge a $500 planning fee for custom designed itineraries. General email box is  office@takethetrip.com