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MGA Travel COVID19 (Corona Virus) Statement & Updates 

First Time Cruisers

When do I need to make my deposit and make my final payment?

Typically, your deposit is due up to 5 days after your agent makes your reservation. Final payments vary by cruise line, but are typically due anywhere from 130 to 75 days prior to your departure date. Your agent will advise you of your final payment date and send a reminder. 

It is a good idea to make note of this final payment date on your calendar, along with a reminder. If you miss making your final payment date, you may forfeit your deposit.

Additionally, also make special note of the cancellation terms and conditions and when cancellation penalties begin to apply – sometimes cancellation penalties begin before you make your final payment. 

What documents do I need to bring?

Bring your ID: 

  • For international travel bring your passport books. Bring copies of all travelers’ passports and keep them in a separate place from actual passports.
  1. You may need a VISA for certain destinations; obtain well in advance of travel dates
  2. Your passport needs 6 months of validity from your RETURN date
  3. You must have at least 3 unused pages for stamps (additional blank pages if traveling to multiple countries)
  • For domestic travel, bring your REAL ID (Driver’s license with a gold star) or passport
  • For cruises that depart and return to the US with stops in other countries: we strongly recommend bringing your passports. While it is technically possible to travel with a raised seal birth certificate and REAL ID, it is not recommended.
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*Please note that in extremely unusual cases we charge a planning fee for completely custom designed itineraries that are not otherwise part of a cruise or tour. In such rare cases, we would advise you that you would incur a fee if you still wish to proceed.

When booking separate airfare that is not provided by a tour operator or cruise line, we charge a ticketing fee for international air of $100 per person and domestic air fee of $30 per person. The fee will be waived if booked as part of a supplier package. Please note that travel suppliers may have ticketing, deviation, custom air, or stopover fees.

Before booking any international air we require copies of your passports. Cancelling a scheduled appointment is fine but no shows will incur a $50 fee.

MGA Travel does not book any all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico.