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About Michael Graham

Creating memories and experiences for luxury groups and affluent travelers is my real specialty.

A little bit about me

I believe that Time is our most precious commodity and we must spend it wisely.  Travel is an investment, and having been to all 7 continents, I am a well-traveled Travel Investment Advisor.

Think of me as a buyer's agent for affluent travelers and group leaders.  They benefit by receiving an authentic experience that is a good value.  

I advise on luxury travel for select individual clients and with the Apex certification from Travel Leaders, I am able to offer American Express Platinum & Centurion members services including Membership Rewards Pay with Points. 

With regard to the luxury category, I am honored to have been selected as an American Express Pacesetter and as a Tauck Academy Certified Agent, two designations that are not easy to obtain.  When working with VIP clients for vacation travel or sabbaticals, our clients travel worry-free knowing that we are very discreet and information is never leaked or shared.

Michael Graham

President, Group Expert & Luxury Specialist 843-732-2582

As the President of Michael Graham & Associates, this business is a labor of love derived from my fantastic journeys over the past 30 years.   I enjoy advising on travel almost as much as finding and curating new custom experiences, by scouting and traveling myself.  

I have visited every continent, nearly 100 countries, and many hundreds of cities.  In addition to many other methods of travel, I have sailed on over 40 ocean & river cruises, and on virtually every brand.

I have had the pleasure of personally guiding many organizations around the world (over 50 countries), hosting large groups by sea and land, and organizing complicated itineraries. 

Creating memories and experiences for luxury groups and affluent travelers is my real specialty.

While I have an excellent understanding of group travel through luxury and beyond, I also love crafting one of a kind experiences in a safe and comfortable environment.

The best value I can bring you is the optimization of your most valuable asset: time.  What you want is an authentic experience directed by insider knowledge. My clients are engaged in all levels of travel - check the testimonials - but they are not having to search for the "best of" because I have already certified it (i.e.  Graham's Guide). 

Michael is a VTA certified expert and also gives travel talks to consumer, trade, and corporate events.

My success is from the grace of God. I work hard to demonstrate that every day.  Certainly I can't do it alone -  meet our team.

Michael receiving the  Pacesetter Award in Bali, May 2017.  Left: Chris Besendorfer, VP of US Customer Experience, Amex; Center: Michael, Right: Claire Bennett, Executive VP, Global Travel and Lifestyle Services, Amex.

Michael is part of the A-Team.  You can set an appointment to talk travel with him  here.
Email him at michael@takethetrip.com or call him at 843-732-2582

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*When booking airfare we charge a ticketing fee for international air of $100 per person and domestic air fee of $30 per person. The fee may be waived if booked as part of a supplier package. No shows for appointments will incur a $50 fee (cancelling is fine). Also, before booking ANY international air, we require copies of your passports. Please note that we charge a $500 planning fee for custom designed itineraries.